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The Fall of Dede Scozzafava


The media is all over the new Siena poll which shows Dede Scozzafava’s support collapsing in New York’s 23rd Congressional District. This is a special election in November in a district that has elected a Republican since 1871. But party bosses saw fit to nominate a woman who is not only pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion, she has an economic record that has lead the Club For Growth and the American Conservative Union to target her and endorse the Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman, in spite of Newt Gingrich’s endorsement.

(Full disclosure: Once the National Organization for Marriage’s federal PAC is completed, we may well enter this race.)

Newt Gingrich just loyally endorsed Dede. Oh dear. 

What’s at stake in this race? As Michelle Malkin has written, it’s not just the heart and soul of the GOP, but its brain. Whose idea was it to nominate an extreme ACORN-friendly liberal for this seat? Their silly heads should roll.


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