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HOPE = Theft and Lies


To be more precise, the iconic Obama HOPE poster/T-shirt was, as the AP charged, created by an artist who stole a copyrighted AP photo image. The case has gone on as long as it did because Shepard Fairey, the artist, lied about which photo he used for the picture, and destroyed the evidence. His pro-bono attorneys, who are members of Stanford Law School’s “Fair Use” project, dropped the case when it became clear that it was based on a fabric of lies. (Honest lawyer alert!)

Sorry be this obvious, and hit NRO readers over the head with such a big, fat, ripe metaphor, but there you are: Hope based on lies and theft — the Obama political brand in a nutshell. (For the record, I like Jonah’s twist, with Che wearing the Obama shirt.)


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