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Iran’s View of the Geneva Talks


On Friday, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, delivering the Islamic Republic’s official sermon on behalf of the Supreme Leader, discussed Iran’s meetings earlier this month with the U.S. diplomats in Geneva. The comments came as the United States and its allies sought to build on their “success” two weeks ago.  According to Jannati (h/t Ali Alfoneh, whose translation follows):

“These meetings [in Geneva] were a great victory and a sign of strength and dignity of the country and proved to the Westerners that they can’t bully the Islamic Republic of Iran…Prior to the meetings the Islamic Republic, had sent an incentive package to the Westerners…”

“In this package there was nothing about the nuclear issue of Iran…At these meetings there were some powers which tried to discuss Iran’s nuclear issue, but Jalili [Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council] who protected Iran’s honor during the meetings announced that he had not gone to Geneva to investigate our country’s nuclear issues and that the order of the discussion must be Iran’s proposed package which led to ignoring of the nuclear issue at the meetings…”

“The Deputy Foreign Minister of the United States [sic] tried on three occasions during the meetings to meet Jalili, but Jalili did not accept…”

“At the end, and after the end of one of the meetings an American authority, approached Jalili and says that he wants to engage in a dialogue, and Jalili accepts the wish of the Deputy Foreign Minister of the United States…In the beginning of the conversation, between the Deputy Foreign Minister of the United States and Jalili, the American authority discussed the nuclear issue and stresses the importance of issues related to nuclear energy to Jalili, but Jalili, addressing the Deputy American Foreign Minister, says that the issues related to Iran’s nuclear question have been solved and there is no reason to discuss them…”

“The Deputy Foreign Minister of the United States at this meeting also said that some discussions about lack of respect for human rights are being discussed. Jalili addressing this American authority says that we too have heard that Obama has said that you will end torture in the United States, after which the American authority looked down…”

President Obama, Secretary Clinton: This is not what success looks like.


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