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The Maoist and the Battered Wives


Okay, it’s a terribly mixed metaphor. But here (HT: WND), our Maoist friend, White House communications director Anita Dunn, explains how the Obama campaign manipulated the mainstream media during the election. Obama, Inc. simply ignored them, refused to respond to questions or interview requests, and made them report whatever items, sound bites, and hints of policy Obama wished to proffer. It worked.

You know, there are dating-strategy books that give the following advice to women: If he’s interested, ignore him, cancel dates randomly, and act indifferent — and he will come crawling. It works on Desperate Housewives for ex-models. Would it work for the average woman? Would it work with the media if the candidate were a conservative of normal provenance? I know how I’d bet.

Obama’s campaign strategy worked with our august media outlets because they are (A) trained, objective reporters, (B) besotted intelligentsia, or (C) hacks afraid for their jobs in a crumbling industry, who will print whatever they have to so as not to be cut off . . . from the opportunity to print more propaganda.

The correct answer is (C), with partial credit for (B).


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