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Salt Lake Tribune: ‘Gay rights groups join in blasting LDS apostle’s Prop 8 comments’


After Proposition 8 was approved in California, supporters were subjected to recrimination and intimidation with particular ugliness directed towards religious groups and individuals, prominently the LDS Church. Last week, one of the church’s leaders, Elder Dallin H. Oaks, gave a speech at BYU-Idaho in which he cited the attacks on believers in the wake of Proposition 8 as one of a number (including current interpretations of the First Amendment by the U.S. Supreme Court) of examples of threats to religious liberty. The Church has a lay leadership and Elder Oaks was a member of the Utah Supreme Court, university president, and law professor at the University of Chicago before assuming full-time Church service.

As if to corroborate his concern, gay-rights groups made up of disaffected church members issued a statement criticizing the talk and saying that they had no concerns with the church having religious freedom as long as it doesn’t use that freedom to speak in opposition to same-sex marriage. In other words: Shut up, they explained.

As Maggie Gallagher has consistently noted, the shrilly intolerant nature of much same-sex marriage advocacy is becoming increasingly apparent.


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