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Getting the Hyde Amendment Wrong, Again


Anthony Stevens-Arroyo, who does his part to make the Washington Post’s religion coverage so dreadful, today takes on the Catholic bishops: “The question of upholding the Hyde Amendment has been asked and answered, but some Catholics won’t take ‘Yes!’ for an answer. The White House has clarified that no health care legislation will override the Hyde Amendment (which allows abortions in cases of rape and incest). To claim that people are against you even when they say they are not is paranoia, not Church doctrine.”

For the thousandth time, the Hyde Amendment applies only to Medicaid, and Obama is on record opposing it even in that limited context. Is it really too much to expect people who write about this issue to understand these facts?

In the past Stevens-Arroyo has failed to fix factual mistakes when they have been brought to his attention, so don’t expect any correction.