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What the New York Times Cannot Say


Savor this sentence from today’s New York Times editorial about abortion.

Anti-abortion activists found great encouragement in 2007, when the Supreme Court’s conservative majority abruptly departed from the high court’s recent precedents and upheld a federal ban on a particular method of abortion.

The Supreme Court’s “conservative majority” eh? And don’t you just love the painfully awkward locution they’re all using now: “a particular method of abortion.” They will not use the term that has achieved wide circulation, “partial-birth abortion,” for obvious reasons. But it’s not clear why they don’t find some seemingly anodyne medical term, such as D and X. Perhaps it’s because any reference at all to what happens in an abortion undermines their argument and so they are reduced to Orwellian evasions. You practically need a key to interpret these things.

Note that for the first time since 1995, a majority of Americans now calls itself “pro-life.”