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George Will: ‘Disclosure as Liberal Coercion’


From George Will’s October 31 column, “Disclosure as Liberal Coercion,” following up (and quoting from) John Fund’s WSJ shot:

On Tuesday, Washington residents will vote in a referendum that has national significance because of a controversy about disclosing the names and addresses of those who signed petitions to trigger the referendum. Disclosure threatens the right to privacy, which is under assault by a spreading movement – call it thuggish liberalism – that uses intimidation to suppress political participation.

The referendum is on a new state law that some say establishes same-sex marriage. This is a matter about which people differ. What is, however, unambiguously wrong is the attempt by some supporters of the law to force disclosure of the names and addresses of the 138,000 people who signed the petition bringing about the referendum.

This can have no other purpose than to make it possible to harass those signers.


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