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Not What He Meant


Political scientist Boris Shor wrote a widely-cited blog post noting that Scozzafava’s voting record put her slightly to the right of the average Republican state legislator in New York. He has posted a follow-up emphasizing some context that some of the people who mentioned his work missed:

So, yes, Scozzafava’s a moderate conservative, relative to Albany Republicans, and to New York legislators in general. But that’s only because Albany Republicans are really liberal (relative to parties in other states), and because New York’s Legislature is really, really liberal. And as I mentioned in my original post, she was seeking to replace John McHugh, someone considerably more conservative than she. . . .

Thus, it is simultaneously true that she is moderately conservative in her state legislative context and liberal in the American Republican context, or with respect to the replacement of the 23rd district incumbent, or the rest of the New York delegation.


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