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One of the biggest upsets at the local level in Tuesday’s election was the defeat of liberal Democrat Andrew Spano by Republican Rob Astorino in deep-blue Westchester County, N.Y. How did this happen? Walter Olson spills the beans.

The federally brokered ["affordable housing"] settlement is itself of interest far beyond Westchester, if only as the occasion of a truly remarkable rhetorical flourish from an Obama Administration official, HUD deputy secretary Ron Sims: “It’s time to remove zip codes as a factor in the quality of life in America.”

If you think “health-care reform” is the most inflammatory phrase in the political lexicon, wait till “affordable housing” gets up to speed. It’s been a sleeper up to now — I wrote about it seven years ago — but with characters like Ron Sims in charge, this one will really catch fire.

If you care about your neighborhood — or even just your zip code — get ready to fight for it.


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