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The UMass Terrorist Returns!


UMass-Amherst has now flip-flopped and Raymond Luc Levasseur, a.k.a. “NYC’s Most Prolific Terrorist” will be speaking on campus at the upcoming symposium on “social change.”    Levasseur’s preferred method of change was to change Army and Navy recruiting stations in N.Y. into heaps of rubble by blowing them up. His United Freedom Front robbed nine banks, committed about 20 bombings, injured dozens, and killed a N.J. state trooper.   UMass is a state school and when Levasseur’s appearance on campus became an issue, Gov. Deval Patrick asked UMass to uninvite him. The university is now ignoring the governor — who has veto power over their budget, among other things — claiming they have no choice because “their anti-censorship rules leave them no choice but to let Levasseur speak.”   “Anti-censorship rules?” UMass also has a speech code, by the way (it bans, among other things, ”staring or leering”), so figure that one out.    But the argument that this is a censorship issue is ridiculous. Nobody cares about what this left-wing kook has to say about social change. I’m confident that however radical his views, UMass students hear even more stupid statements from tenured professors every day.   The question for the American Left is this: How many cops do you have to kill before liberals will stop inviting you to their parties?


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