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The Acornization of America


Given all the “seas recede/planet cools” rhetoric, Greek temple sets, and vero possumus schlock of the campaign, some of us thought that Obama administration’s requests that citizens identify “fishy” critics of Obamacare were a little Orwellian. Others thought the NEA had turned into the Ministry of Truth, with its quid pro quo conference calls and praise of Obama as the new Caesar, man of letters. Then there were the Anita Dunnisms about a deluded captive media and dear old Chairman Mao battling heroically at the ramparts. But any doubts about whether we are all now in the Animal Farm barnyard were dispelled by the strange Obama-administration practice of counting hypothetical jobs saved by more government borrowing rather than focusing on real statistics of real jobs lost, and now by the citation of fantasy congressional districts with fantasy new employment in them.


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