Moral-Equivalence Watch

by Jonah Goldberg

From Jake Tapper yesterday:

Asked how President Obama pressed the issue of human rights, {Jeffrey Bader, Senior Director for Asian Affairs at the National Security Council] told ABC News that the US is most “persuasive if we have our own house in order.”

President Obama’s presidential order to close the detainee center at Guantanamo Bay is an example of how he is working hard “to correct and improve the image of the United States on human rights,” Bader said, which makes his appeals to China more impactful than when the “salesman is not persuasive.” The president told China how the US has been strengthened by such values, Bader said.

What’s more annoying: the moral equivalence between the U.S. and China, or the naïveté driving the assumption the Chinese care one iota about how we treat detainees?

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