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Faceless Union Chooses Fake Leadership


The EU’s oligarchs have now chosen the union’s new “president” (actually the president of its council, which will likely prove to be an important distinction) and “foreign minister” (or to give the job its full, magnificently pompous, vaguely Ruritanian title, “high representative”). For the former job, they have picked an obscure Belgian prime minister (are there any famous Belgian prime ministers?), a federalist fanatic whose only real achievement has been to keep his miserable wreck of a nation together over the last year or so. As for the high representative, she’s an obscure British baroness (and current EU trade commissioner) who never seems to have been elected to anything, but is married to an left-establishment journalist and did suceed in helping force the dishonest, undemocratic and unlovely EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty through the House of Lords, qualifications that have meant something to someone.

Europe’s press is underwhelmed by the election of these two dullards, but the choice is good news for two critical constituencies (in fact, the only two critical constituencies — as the national electorates count for nothing). Neither the Belgian nor the baroness will represent too much of a challenge to the egos of the EU states’ various prime ministers and nor, more critically, will they have the personalities or ability to challenge the ever-growing power of the unaccountable bureaucrats entrenched in the EU’s commission — who have, of course, a leadership, and ever-more ambitious agenda, of their own.   For more detailed background, the best place to turn is, as usual (despite some unecessary remarks about what the baroness looks like), the invaluable EU Referendum.


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