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I’m Not Sure I Believe


this poll saying that a majority of Republicans believe that ACORN stole the election from McCain last year; I’d like to see some other pollsters ask the same question. But if it is true, it suggests a widespread disconnection from reality that’s pretty troubling. It’s not as though it was a close election.

On which point let me quote Henry Olsen:

McCain’s share of the national popular vote also signaled trouble. On the surface, his total, 45.6%, seemed respectable. Many Republican presidential candidates had received less in recent memory. But all of those candidates save one, Barry Goldwater, had run races with serious third-party candidates. Goldwater aside, McCain’s showing was the worst GOP result in a two-party race since Wendell Willkie garnered 44.8% in 1940. To look at it another way, Obama’s 52.9% was the second-highest for a non-incumbent Democrat in American history, trailing only FDR’s 57.4% in 1932.


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