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Johanns: Broder Not Some Irrelevant Retiree


Sen. Mike Johanns (R., Neb.), fresh off the Senate floor, just gave NRO a call to defend Washington Post columnist David Broder, who earlier in the day was derided as a “man who has been retired for many years and writes a column once in awhile” by Senate majority leader Harry Reid.

What set off Reid’s comment: Senator minority leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) had cited a Broder column on health care, calling the longtime Post writer “a distinguished senior columnist.” Reid shot back that to focus on a Broder editorial is “not where we should be.”

“Why did [Reid] have to vilify Mr. Broder?” asks Johanns. “I’ve only met [Broder] here and there. We sometimes agree, we sometimes don’t. But I’ve always thought that he was thoughtful and a genuinely nice person.” Johanns adds that he often reads Broder’s twice-week-column and that Reid’s comments simply “drives me nuts.”


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