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‘One Democrat’


Sen. Mike Johanns (R., Neb.) just led, along with GOP senators Sam Brownback (Kan.) and Orrin Hatch (Utah), the Senate floor debate on the abortion language in Sen. Harry Reid’s health-care bill. He tells NRO that his hope for “one Democrat to stand up for life” and vote against moving Reid’s bill to the floor are dimming this afternoon.

“I still hold out hope, but I must admit that it’s a fading hope,” says Johanns. “I hope that there may be one Democrat, even if they’re quiet now, to stand up tonight. It comes down to someone in their heart being pro-life.”

“If one Democrat were to stand up to Senator Reid, and say ‘I can’t support this,’ then Senator Reid would be forced to put the Stupak language in, since he needs every vote,” says Johanns. “There has never been a greater moment of leverage for pro-life Democrats. We still have a few hours before the vote. If it passes, and heads to the Senate floor, then our chances really don’t look good, since no one can count 60 pro-life senators.”

Keep calling your senators, urges Johanns. “We have to keep our energy up,” he says. But for now, he adds, the debate on the floor is “just terrible.”

“I’m shocked that in this kind of economic atmosphere that they want to push this,” he says.


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