Maddow’s Punditry

by Jonah Goldberg

I caught Rachel Maddow’s show by accident over the weekend in my hotel room. I went and looked up what I thought I heard her say. And, by golly, she really said it. Talking to Elliot Spitzer about abortion politics:

SPITZER: This is Kate Michelman`s very powerful and effective op-ed in the “New York Times” last weekend saying, “How dare you, on the issue of choice, abandon us?”

MADDOW: That`s right.

SPITZER: And this is, within each party, the same tension that you will see on – you know, replayed every time you`ve lost and -

MADDOW: Except it`s not a mirror, because on the right there is a very well-organized, well-funded conservative movement that can effectively pull the center so far to the right that it is unrecognizable. On the left, it`s a few blogs and Kate Michelman.

Yes, that’s right. Pro-choice forces in American politics and culture amount to a “few blogs and Kate Michelman.”

How on earth do people take her analysis of politics seriously if she can say such things with such confidence?

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