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Jonah, further to earlier discussions about the degree of scandalousness re Warmergate and the CRU, I think “Hide the decline” is a pretty hard phrase to “interpret” in any benign way, and a pretty easy way for anyone to get up to speed with what what’s going on. It’s already a song, and a T-shirt.

On the other hand, the dullards at the dying U.S. monodailies seem to be working overtime to hide the decline. In Fleet Street and on Australian TV, the statist warm-mongers are at least acknowledging that they have a problem. Over here the brain-dead twits doing their best to turn the Boston Globe circulation figures into Michael Mann’s phony hockey stick upside down are going with “Boston Faces Deep Risk From Sea-Level Rise.” Why not build protective dikes with unsold bundles of the Globe — or the delivery trucks?

In the comments section of both the Globe and the Houston Chronicle, readers seem to have a better nose for news than the J-school bores. Some declines can’t be hidden.    


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