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Is It ‘Blood for Oil,’ or ‘Blood for No Oil’?


The latest from Newsweek:

In economic terms Turkey is running neck and neck with Iran as Iraq’s biggest trading partner, even as most U.S. businesses sit helplessly on the sidelines. And in terms of regional influence, Turkey has no rival. The country’s stern-faced prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is working to consolidate that strength as he asserts Turkey’s independence in a part of the world long dominated by America.

For years, Newsweek (once the insurgency began and most of its editors and columnists bailed from their once staunch support for the Iraq war) warned of U.S. neo-imperialism in Iraq and bullying in the Middle East. But now we learn that the real problem was not the Bush-Cheney oil-gobbling nexus, or greedy corporations ready to prey on Iraq’s natural wealth, or sinister Bush diplomacy designed insidiously to promote American interests. No, the problem was that after removing the genocidal Saddam Hussein, birthing a consensual government in Iraq, defeating al-Qaeda there, and, as promised, gradually withdrawing, we — brace yourself — allowed others, such as Turkey, to reap the spoils. Of course, had we become Iraq’s “biggest trading partner,” and had we not been sitting “helplessly on the sidelines,” Newsweek would have said that the war was about U.S. business interests.


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