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From Friday’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the state dinner crashers:

I dissent. In the year where the news has been bad or worse, I think this is one of the more uplifting stories to come out of the White House.

What you have here is a harmless little con job pulled off by a middling, fairly shady, social-climbing set of publicity hounds, not very different from your average invitee to a White House state dinner. They pull it off, a nice little Thanksgiving story.

I can’t get terribly excited about the security aspect. The real security threat to a president is anytime he steps out of the White House, when he is in a helicopter, a motorcade — and it’s not just Obama, but a Clinton or a Bush — or out there in a stadium waving to a crowd, I’m scared to death. …

There is one other aspect here: At a time where to get real notoriety in our culture you put a crucifix in a jar of urine and call it art, or if you are a male singer, you grab one of your male dancers crawling around on the stage and shove his face into your crotch, it’s nice to see a couple pull off a fairly classical old-fashioned gate-crashing. After all, every couple of months somebody jumps over the fence at Buckingham Palace. …

And as far as I can tell, nobody here was hurt. A good time was had by all, especially us in the press. We have gotten three days of stories out of this on a very slow and sleepy holiday weekend.

On Tiger Woods’s car accident:

… I imagine when she [his wife] approached the car with a club [to smash the window], he said: No, don’t use a wood, use a nine-iron.

On the IAEA censuring Iran for uranium enrichment:

Look, this is the emperor’s new clothes. The scandal is that it took them six years — the world’s “experts” on this — six years to arrive at a conclusion that a nine-year-old would have seen early on. Of course Iran is developing nukes. The evidence has been everywhere.

The real issue here is that international institutions on which Obama [wants us to rely] for international peace and peacekeeping, they are not only worthless, they are worse than useless because they give the illusion of handling an issue. You say, oh, the IAEA is in charge of that, and you lose six years.


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