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Obama Orders Troop Buildup


President Obama has reportedly issued orders to his generals and other top national security officials to commence a troop buildup in Afghanistan. According to a BBC report, the president is now briefing allies on the decision.

Though no official number on the troop increase has yet been made public, most expect it to fall around 30,000, short of the 40,000 requested by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the commander in the Afghan theatre.

Specifics of the plan are set to be pitched to the public in a speech at West Point tomorrow evening.

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Update: 3:04 p.m.: Though the specifics of Obama’s plan remain unclear, the anti-war left has wasted no time protesting any escalation in Afghanistan.

Update: 3:36 p.m.: Former Assistant Secretary of State Kim Holmes on the inexcusable tardiness of Obama’s decision–and on why failure is not an option–here.

Update: 5:01 p.m.: Britain has signed on to send 500 more troops to Afghanistan, upping its presence in-country to a total of 10,000. But, no surprise, the rest of our NATO allies are expected to offer only half of the 10,000 additional troops the President will request from Europe.


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