It’s The Data, Stupid Cont’d

by Jonah Goldberg

The New York Post on the CRU scandal:

….At least they didn’t blame the dog.

Their story strains credulity: Who’d toss out data critical to the idea that the earth is rapidly warming as a result of human activity — especially since their prescription is to spend trillions of dollars to avert disaster?

Oh, wait. Maybe that’s the point: If you can’t prove apocalypse is nigh, at least now nobody can prove it isn’t — and perhaps you can still have a big payday.

Plus, the computer program that CRU relied on reportedly lacks internal documentation (meaning it’s difficult to check if it works right) and is full of bugs.

Even if data truly were accidentally dumped, it’s now impossible to check the CRU research. And scientific findings that can’t be replicated aren’t science at all. At best, they’re assertions; at worst, they amount to propaganda.

Update: From a reader:

Anyone who has ever taken a math, physics or chemistry class knows the one thing that will draw the ire of the teacher – providing the solution to a problem without detailing every single step that led to the final result. How many of us has ever gotten back a test with a big, bold, red-encircled “SHOW YOUR WORK!” at the top of the page? Well, hey IPCC – SHOW YOUR WORK!
It also reminds me of the classic Underpants Gnomes South Park episode in which the Gnomes detail their brilliant business plan:
1.       Steal underpants

2.       …

3.       Profit!

The CRU seems to be following a similar plan:
1.       Collect climate data

2.       …

3.       Declare a climate crisis!

Thanks to the leakage of those emails we now have a pretty good idea what step 2 is all about.
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