Napping Cadets

by Jonah Goldberg

Some readers think I was criticizing the West Point cadets for nodding off last night. Sure, I think it’d be better for everyone if they toothpicked-open their eyes like in the Looney Tunes, but criticism really wasn’t my intent. Lord knows that after the kind of day they put up with, I’d be out like a light in a big warm auditorium. Here’s my Airpower guy:


I wouldn’t make too much of the dozing off. You probably did see one or two (or three) nodding. That’s because they’re in their natural state: exhaustion. Add to that preparing for mid-term finals, all that extra-curricular sports and military stuff, and listening to The One talk about something other than, you know, hammering the enemy and it’s a deadly mix.

Your Airpower Guy (Class of ‘76, similar school, higher elevation, further West)

I will say that if this had happened under Bush, Dana Milbank, Jacob Weisberg, and Maureen Dowd would go into full-blown snark mode about it.

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