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Vast email bag on my “Trust Science” piece. Many thanks to all. As usual, all non-rude e-mails are read with attention, but I can only reply to a handful, and whim rules the selection process. Also as usual, I shall feel free to plagiarize readers’ ideas, mostly without attribution. There’ll be a condensed version of the piece in the forthcoming issue of National Review.

Some block responses to common themes:

– Readers who praised the piece: THANK YOU!

– Readers who want to argue creationism with me: zzzzzzz.

– Readers who want to get into the Kuhn-Popper weeds on philosophy of science: Yeah, I did the Teaching Company course too (and mentioned it in Straggler 68 last year). Some good stuff. Trust me, though: heliocentrism is here to stay. So, for that matter, is Newtonian mechanics, as a really good description of how things move at modest scales.

The e-mail bag included some very informative e-mails. I’ll incorporate the sense of them into future postings or columns.


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