Stewart on Climategate

by Jonah Goldberg

This probably worries the Greens more than anything and everything the Right has said:

Stewart makes one point that I’ve been making in conversations for a while (though he makes it with  animosity toward the skeptics). Whatever the merits of the substantive debate over Climategate, one thing is abundantly clear: The skeptics will never, ever, give up now. It confirms what they’ve been saying with concrete evidence, at least in their eyes. For several years now, the Goreistas have been trying to steamroll the opposition with scare tactics, insults, condescension, demonization, and the like. It didn’t work, though real damage was done. Polls before the scandal broke showed Americans losing confidence in the alarmists’ case. After the scandal, such tactics look all the more illegitimate. The case for AGW is not dead, but the credibility of those making it has been dealt a terrible blow.

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