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Citizen Day Laborers


Hey Mark: Credit where credit’s due. On the issue of U.S. citizens now showing up at day-laborer hiring sites, Radio Derb got the scoop three weeks ago:

Here is a modest suggestion to help the unemployed. Let’s have a complete moratorium on all immigration until the unemployment rate goes below five percent. It’s easy to do, just a quick Act of Congress. Why are we accepting new immigrants for settlement, not even to speak of turning a blind eye to illegal immigrants, when sixteen million Americans are out of work? The Las Vegas Sun, November 2, reports that, quote, “U.S. citizens are starting to show up in the early mornings outside home improvement stores and plant nurseries across the Las Vegas Valley, jostling with illegal immigrants for a shot at a few hours of work,” end quote. Excuse me for asking an impertinent question, but why should U.S. citizens have to jostle with foreign scofflaws for the chance of a day’s work? And Microsoft Corporation, I see, has just laid off 800 people. Would that be the same Microsoft Corporation that’s been leading the campaign for more H-1B visas for foreign software engineers? Are those the people the company’s laying off? Or do only U.S. citizens get laid off? It took me sixteen years to get U.S. citizenship. If I now have to wait in line behind border-jumpers for a day’s work, what’s my citizenship worth?

I used to think our immigration policy was mistaken. I was wrong. It’s not mistaken, it’s clinically insane.


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