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Loss of Control


Seems to me the tabloids could make some real news by seeking out gals Tiger Woods has NOT played leapfrog with.

Meanwhile, Dominic Lawson takes a sane view of the matter in the London Times:

Woods is the control freak’s control freak — and this can be seen in what little we know of him, apart from its obvious manifestation in the form of screaming anguish on the golf course when the ball doesn’t land exactly where he intended. It is said that he makes his hotel beds before the maids can do so, because he can make them even more tidily. He is also the terror of hotel laundries, because of his obsessive concern about the precision of creases in his garments.

It is only in this context that I am surprised by his extramarital excursions. Surely it would have occurred to him that a cocktail waitress-cum-aspiring actress called Jaimee Grubbs, who had already taken part in a reality TV show, had the potential to be a deep bunker in the otherwise immaculately smooth fairway of his life.

The defenestration of Tiger is a tad more distressing to conservatives, I think, than to liberals, as we have long admired the man’s resolute refusal to have anything to do with politics, and most particularly with the race rackets. You get the impression that if a law were to be passed requiring all citizens to hyphenate their ethnic descriptors, Tiger would put himself down as a Golfing-American.


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