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Re: Lounge Lizard Alert!


Since you ask, Derb, I’m on the road so can’t check, but I’m 90 percent certain, re that “Time Without End” song, that the music is by Anne Dudley, who wrote the theme tune to “Jeeves & Wooster” (which is just terrific), and the lyrics are by the ingenious adaptor and creator of the series, the late Clive Exton.

Clive and I were on some interminable British awards panel a few years back and in between grueling rounds of nominated masterpieces we argued extensively about period songs. Unlike Miss Dudley, who has the ear for very subtle nuances that you need for really brilliant pastiche, Clive just used to take a whack at it and then move on to the next thing. That’s why the music is rather more authentic than the lyric. I’m a big fan of Anne Dudley, who wrote a rather nice song with Sting a couple of years back, also full of period charm.

Bonus question: What’s the connection between Bertie Wooster and the governor of California? Aside from the fact that the latter could really use a Jeeves to step in and get him out of the mess, I mean.

Answer: Clive Exton wrote the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Red Sonja.


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