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Re: Maybe He Just Likes Blondes


Jonah, Ramesh: While we’re arguing for the introduction of mistress quotas and affirmative action for non-Caucasian cocktail waitresses, possibly under a federal regulatory authority (the EPA, depending on what that many mistresses does for your carbon footprint), surely Frank Rich isn’t going to leave the field to Eugene Robinson: I mean, doesn’t this industrial-scale conveyor belt of hot, stacked blondes speak to Tiger’s deep-seated insecurities about his sexuality? I mean, all those waitresses and not a single busboy? C’mon . . .

P.S. I love the way Robinson feels obliged to cover himself:

Enough with the whole thing — we have far more important things to worry about.

Yeah, right. Sit down with a friend over lunch and try to have a conversation about health care, climate change, financial regulation or Afghanistan without straying at least once onto the oh-so-unimportant subject of Tiger Woods’s philandering.


Google search for “Climategate” (still all but unreported by the media): 31.4 million.

Google search for “Tiger Woods” (covered obsessively by the respectable prints): 13.7 million.

Don’t pretend you’re doing this for us, you sad old hack. Maybe you’re the one with the validation issues.


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