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Iran’s Nuclear Trigger


So it turns out that Iran has been working on atomic bombs all along, including the “trigger.”

The notes, from Iran’s most sensitive military nuclear project, describe a four-year plan to test a neutron initiator, the component of a nuclear bomb that triggers an explosion. Foreign intelligence agencies date them to early 2007, four years after Iran was thought to have suspended its weapons programme.The estimable David Albright saiys “there is no civilian application” for this device.

Remember that 2007 was when the geniuses at CIA came out with an Estimate that said Iran had “suspended” its nuclear-weapons program. Unlucky again, I suppose. The Times quotes an expert from the prestigious and generally overcautious IISS in London: “If this was an effort that began in 2007, it could be a casus belli. If Iran is working on weapons, it means there is no diplomatic solution.”

But not to worry; the Obama administration can’t be bothered to do anything about Iran until the end of the year. And a date’s a date.


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