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Will a Democrat Ever Object to the Unpopular Provisions?


It’s been strange how the public option has been so radioactive throughout the health-care debate when it’s not particularly unpopular compared to other provisions of the bill. This is where I think Lieberman’s otherwise obnoxiously over-the-top critics have a point — he’s opposed to the public option partly on grounds it’ll add to the deficit, when it’s really the rest of the bill that he supports that adds to the deficit. Will a Democrat ever pop up and say he’s not going to vote for the thing because of the truly politically poisonous provisions, the tax hikes and Medicare cuts? And object to the essential fiscal dishonesty of the entire endeavor? That’s the dog that hasn’t barked here. Anyway, look for updates on the home page all day long (latest: Snowe is meeting with Reid, while Collins says the bill is still “deeply flawed”), and keep an eye on “Doc Doc” for Costa’s updates on events in the Senate (latest: Nelson, not Lieberman, now the Dem to watch).