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D.C. Gay-Marriage Vote


The D.C. City Council passed a gay-marriage bill again today, once again without responding to Archbishop Wuerl’s religious-liberty concerns. It looks like Catholic Charities may be unable to partner with the D.C. government if that government insists Catholic institutions treat gay unions as marriages. This is especially sad in D.C., because the number of reliable, high-quality service providers is not so large as in some other places. Will Stand for Marriage D.C. (the working group to overturn this law in Congress and by referendum) thereby get the crucial assist of the Catholic Church’s endorsement?

Over at NOM (which is part of the Stand for Marriage D.C. coalition), we believe the people will ultimately be able to overturn this bill by the referendum or initiative process (as in California and Maine). Right now, the D.C. City Council is maintaining that a legislatively passed prohibition on referendums on the human-rights code can trump the D.C. Charter’s promise of the right to a direct vote on legislation.


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