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The New Other Woman


My latest syndicated column, a reflection on the Tiger scandals, is called “Sex Makes People Stupid.”

A sample:

Sex makes people stupid. This is why we need a little thing called “civilization” to intervene between people and sexual passion, so we don’t leave the young-uns to rely on their own genius to figure out certain enduring truths, like: A married man cannot betray you. You are not a betrayee. You are the co-betrayer; .  .  .. A married man can’t be unfaithful to you. He can only be unfaithful with you, to his wife.

Here’s civilizational lesson No. 2: Having betrayed another woman by sleeping with her husband, don’t compound the offense by going on national TV, or worse, by writing to the wife to tell her of the joys of your adulterous union.

A new kind of other woman is emerging, and it’s not a pretty sight. Worse than the whining is the new note of self-righteous aggression that is creeping into the other woman’s tone.

For the sad examples, read the column. Meanwhile, the bottom line is:

Sexual virtue is hard. That is why most civilizations through most of human history have invested serious resources in attempting to teach the next generation how they’re ideally supposed to behave. Looking at this new other woman emerging, civilization has its work cut out for it.