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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas . . . But Pennsylvania Avenue Stands as an Alternative Reality


There are staff Christmas parties around town. There is a snow storm coming. And yet, if you’re a Hill staffer, you’ve probably purchased no presents and had no festive ale or gingerbread. I don’t wish this predicament on a member of any party. I want members to see their families. I don’t want to be watching C-SPAN on Christmas Eve. Harry Reid is officially looking a lot like scrooge. This, of course, is a tad unfair, as Barack Obama is the one demanding something from the Senate. From Copenhagen today, he should send Congress home. A smart political move would be for the president to acknowledge that there are kinks to be worked out: that allies make legitmate points on the current state of negotiations, as do concerned Americans who may or may not have voted for him. He won’t do the latter, but he can still give Howard Dean some holiday cheer and look like a responsible executive instead of an ideologue looking to force his radical medicine on an unwilling populace and now, even, party.

You don’t have to like your senator to want to send him home this Christmas.


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