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Amy Ridenour writes:

In the 98 broadcast days of ABC World News advertising logged by National Center Executive Director David Almasi and analyzed by Policy Analyst Matt Patterson, ABC’s World News broadcast featured 1,102 commercials, 597 of which were placed by member companies of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) trade association, representing 54.17 percent of total commercials aired.

PhRMA very aggressively supports President Obama’s health care agenda.

David Almasi doesn’t think it’s a coincidence.

“It’s clear that World News relies on the members of PhRMA to sponsor it,” Almasi says.  “Ford and Proctor and Gamble are reliable sponsors, but the overwhelming amount of paid ads were for drugs pushed by the members of this very powerful and very political trade association.  Ad after ad on World News comes from members of the drug lobby group PhRMA.  It’s almost laughable how many ads they run each day.  If they were to stop, it would seem doubtful the broadcasts could continue.”

Says Matt Patterson, who analyzed and wrote a report on the findings, “ABC News seems to have a significant financial stake in the success of ObamaCare.  Should we be surprised that they hand over an hour to Obama to promote his plan, while shutting out opposing views?”