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Arnold Kling and Nick Schulz are stacking up a huge amount of buzz for their new book, From Poverty to Prosperity. Here’s Bryan Caplan:

I zoomed through Kling-Schulz’s From Poverty to Prosperity.  The honest truth: It is the best book I’ve read all year, and the best book of interviews with economists ever written.  If you’re tempted to discount my recommendation because Arnold’s my co-blogger, please recall the many times I’ve publicly attacked my dearest friends.  I don’t do nepotism.

What’s so great about FP2P?  Quick version: It’s the book that Hayek should have written to convince critics and fence-sitters of the dynamic virtues of capitalism.  Kling and Schulz elegantly weave together their original observations with truly awesome interviews.  What amazed me the most: There were several incredible interviews with people I’ve either ignored or never heard of…

And here’s David Brooks today writing about the new protocol economy, using From Poverty to Prosperity as his hook.

As for my own views on the book, beyond the fact that I think it’s great and very useful, we’ll have to wait until I write it all up.