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What is Stephanopoulos Thinking?


Just as I’ve grown to sort of like George Stephanopoulos as a Sunday host (the condescending blah of Gregory’s Meet the Press helped me give This Week a second look), he’s prepping to leave to become the co-host of Good Morning America. I’m hardly devastated by the news, but I am baffled by it. Being the host of a Sunday show is one of the all time great jobs in Washington and media. The workload is relatively light but worthwhile, everyone returns your calls, you can translate your political junkiness into a seven- or eight-figure salary, massive speaking fees, and book advances. Stephanopolous is going to leave that (eventually) and become co-host of a show that requires getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning every day and doing the sort of light banter Stephanopoulos doesn’t like and, so far,  isn’t great at. I understand there’s more money, and I don’t mean to sound like Martin Sheen in Wall Street, but how much money do you need? If he’s trying to goose his chances to one day host the evening news, I doubt he needed to go to GMA to do it.

Bonus irony: I wrote the above but didn’t publish it until I got on the train back to D.C. And, lo and behold, guess who’s on my train: the man himself. Maybe if I see him again, I’ll ask him.