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The Bipartisan Threat


I have always said that the word bipartisan has a very scary meaning in Washington, D.C. Here is more evidence: Faced with a massive amount of federal debt and future spending that is about to explode, Sens. Judd Gregg (R., N.H.) and Kent Conrad (D., N.D.) decided that instead of cutting spending and forcing the bloated government to slim down, they would introduce legislation creating a bipartisan task force that would try to cut down the deficit.

How fiscally responsible! But why not just cut spending? Spending is the problem. The deficit is just the result of overspending. As Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform explained, “Despite the appearance of protection for taxpayers, this commission would guarantee a net tax increase in its proposal. Every Democrat on the commission would insist on tax increases to ‘balance’ spending cuts in the recommendation.”

The Conrad-Gregg commission, and deficit limits in general, would enable the Left to say they have no choice but to raise taxes, and they will go on not cutting spending. Let’s not make it any easier for the statists (Republicans or Democrats) to increase the burden of government.


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