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Gotcha Stupidity


Politico’s Glenn Thrush links to an article that brands Michele Bachmann (featured elsewhere on NRO today) a “welfare queen” because her family apparently owns a farm and receives farm subsidies.

Thrush calls this “selective socialism.” Neither Thrush nor the author of the article in question found it worth mentioning that Bachmann voted against the 2008 reauthorization of the farm bill, and then voted against it again when the House voted to override President Bush’s veto.

You know who doesn’t make a dime from farm subsidies, but supported the awful 2008 farm bill anyway for crass political reasons, flip-flopping after he originally called it a “multimillion-dollar giveaway” for “big agribusinesses”? Barack Obama.

Don’t hate the player, Glenn. Hate the game.

Via memeorandum.


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