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Mike: Speaking of conspiracy movies, I watched one last night: Seven Days in May. It’s not as good as the book, which is one of my favorite political thrillers. It’s nevertheless an entertaining film and tense in all the right ways. It doesn’t have any chase scenes and its one murder is off stage, which means that it couldn’t be filmed today in exactly the same way.

As with so much of this genre, the politics of Seven Days in May are left-of-center: It imagines a right-wing military coup against a president who favors nuclear disarmament. A little speech about the Joe McCarthys in our midst is predictable and tiresome.

When it comes to the Constitution, I suspect that the men and women of our military are more loyal to it than the typical Democratic nominee to the Supreme Court. But nobody has made a movie about the slow-motion judicial coup that advances whenever a liberal judge legislates from the bench. The truth can be stranger than fiction.


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