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Christmas: A Tale of Failed Washington Priorities


Detroit — As I stood in line at security Sunday to board Northwest Flight 3502 back home to Detroit from St. Louis, I reflected on the terrorist incident that took place just two days before on a similar Detroit airliner. It was a telling bookend to a Christmas holiday marred by Washington governance.

On Christmas Eve, Senate Democrats, acting on their president’s highest priority, forced through a federal takeover of the U.S. health system (aka, monstrous mountain of toxic pustules – bravo, Mr. Steyn). On a partisan vote, our Washington leaders used the cover of the holiday to defy public opinion and extend their power over 20 percent of the U.S. economy.

Just 24 hours later, a Muslim bomber from Nigeria defied the security system this same federal government had put into place and nearly blew up 278 airline passengers. Our government system failed to flag an individual who was in a federal terror database and failed to detect the explosive attached to his body.

As I waited for my Detroit plane, Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra – a Republican member of the House Intel Committee and a rare voice of sanity on terror issues this past year – told Fox News that the “the threat is real.” Yet, by rejecting the “War on Terror” and adopting the term “man-made disasters, this administration has downplayed the threat from terrorism.”

Clearly, the events of this holiday season show that Washington has lost its way .The federal government’s first priority is the security of its citizens. Instead, the same Washington that still struggles with airport security will now be taking over our health care system. 


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