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From the Christmas Day All-Star Panel on the Fox New Channel; on the new “Obama doctrine”:

I was less impressed [than my conservative colleagues] by the dawn of his “new realism.” What the president stood up and said was there’s evil in the world and Gandhi would not have done well against Hitler.

Well, for most of us, you dispose of those issues in the first week in the freshman dorm in college after a couple of late-night discussions. And to elevate it as a great philosophical achievement … is quite astonishing. It is emperor’s new clothes.

It is obvious.

The fact that we were all impressed is to tell you how unrealistic, idealistic, and naive were all the previous speeches, starting with the speech he gave in ‘08 in Berlin in which he said that the [Berlin] wall had come down … “because the world stood as one.”

Well, that’s not why the wall had come down. It came down because America stood fast for 50 years on the ramparts of freedom and didn’t flinch, and in the end the other guy conceded and collapsed.

This kind of globalism, this universalism, this naivete runs through all of his policy.


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