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‘I Am Convinced that the Regime Will Collapse’


 Iranian Ayatollah Mohsen Kadivar, currently at Duke:

You are right that the Shiite theocracy in its present form has failed — a fact that few have expressed as clearly as my teacher in the last few months. Incidentally, when Grand Ayatollah Montazeri had his falling out with Khomeini, three months before the supreme religious leader’s death in 1989, he said: This state is so different from the one we dreamed of and worked to create. Still, it is not Islam which has failed, but rather a particular interpretation of Islam. I also want to express that there hasn’t been a revolution in Iran yet. The opposition is becoming increasingly clear in the formulation of its objectives and more daring. Still, we need to remain patient. I do not know when, exactly, but I am convinced that the regime will collapse.

He adds:

Perhaps Western countries should stop treating Ahmadinejad’s government as the legitimate government of Iran. 

I hope the White House is reading that