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Fire Napolitano Cont’d


The name-calling idjit mail continues to fly in. But, one point a few more polite, but still hostile, readers don’t understand: I’m not saying Napolitano should be fired because the panty-bomber made it on the plane. That could happen under any president. If John McCain were president, I’m sure something like this might well have happened too. But, I’d bet dollars to doughnuts John McCain’s DHS secretary wouldn’t respond to an incident like this the way Napolitano did. Nor would John McCain’s DHS secretary be on record talking about “man-caused disasters” and whatnot.

The head of DHS should have come out of the blocks angry that this happened, determined to rectify the errors, and, at the very least, open-minded to the possibility that this was part of a larger plot. That isn’t what happened.

In short: I think she should be fired because A) she never should have gotten the job in the first place and B) her reaction to this incident proved it.