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More Admin Fingers Pointing Toward Blair


From Playbook:

PRESS BACKGROUND BRIEFING BY SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL at the press hotel in Honolulu, two hours after the president spoke:

“[S]hortly before his remarks, he had a secure conference call with General Jones, with John Brennan, with Tom Donilon, wherein he got an update on the review. … [T]here was something new that he learned, several of us learned about it last night, late last night here.  We worked on it overnight and in the morning.  We thought it was important that the President be briefed on it by General Jones and by John and Tom, which he was.  And then that’s what led the President to go out today. ….

It had to do with information that was in possession of the government at the time that spoke to both where the suspect had been, what some of his thinking and plans were, what some plans of al Qaeda were, and the fact that if this all were correlated in a way that allowed us to get a bigger and brighter picture.

… [W]hat we want to make sure is that given the multitude of information that we’re able to get our hands on now, that we’re correlating it in the best possible way.  And the DNI plays a fundamental role.”


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