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Subject: Blair




As a further frustration to those of us who are career intelligence professionals, Adm Blair doesn’t have much in the way of an intelligence background (a sole stint at CIA as Associate Director for Military Support).


He’s yet another retired 4-star who used intelligence but didn’t know much about how it’s done.  We’ve accustomed ourselves to this kind of thing.


After all, the most recent former Director of DIA, LTG Maples, was an artillery officer.  Nice enough guy and a good leader but is that really enough to lead a US intelligence agency?  Do you put a guy who’s been out to eat a lot in charge of a restaurant?


That’s the military for you…unofficially cap most intelligence officers at

O-6 (full bird/Captain in the Navy) and let the fighter jocks or boat drivers lead all the higher level intelligence organizations.  There are exceptions to the rule, of course, but they’re pretty infrequent.