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Polyamory in Massachusetts


Another e-mail:

Dear KJL:

Funny coincidence: the advert in the sidebar to your post was about golfing techniques. Tiger, call your office.

Slippery Slope is supposed to be a material fallacy, right? What about all those people who said, “If you redefine marriage you open the door to legalizing any and all configurations of relationships.” Polyamory articles have started cropping up in all kinds of places. What I find so weird is the urge to legitimize such relationships: all these rebels still want convention, they just want it their way. What ever happened to just f***ing around? Seeing counselors and sitting down to discuss our “relationships” interminably sounds to me like the worst of all worlds. In the end, the most manipulative, self-centered person wins, but in a semi-legitimized PA relationship the person with the less exploitive nature gets screwed without the mildly compensatory knowledge that he/she has been victimized.

I’m having flashbacks today to a Robby George piece from a few years back. Maybe the Courts can tell liberal Massachusetts what it is ready to accept.


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