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Martha the Brave?


We’ve been having a great time in Massachusetts mocking AG Martha Coakley for refusing to debate her GOP opponent one-on-one. She’s insisting that the obscure third-party candidate (named, ironically enough, “Joe Kennedy”) be included in the few debates she has agreed to participate in.   So few debates, in fact, that their radio debate this morning on my station, WTKK-FM in Boston, is turning into a huge media event. It’s a smart strategy for Coakley, a weak and unimpressive candidate, but it also shows how little confidence her campaign team has in their candidate.   If the Rasmussen poll isn’t a fluke, and if Coakley is ever forced to defend Obama’s policies on terror/the economy/cap-and-trade, she could find herself in a real race — one she is not prepared to run.   You can watch and listen to the debate at the WTKK website here from 9–10 a.m. today.