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Dorgan, Dodd . . . Deval?


Will Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick be the next Democrat to announce he’s not running for reelection? If would be very good news for Massachusetts Democrats if he did.
The big news in the Bay State today is that his probable Republican opponent, Charlie Baker, just set a fundraising record for a challenger who isn’t his party’s nominee yet (Baker faces a primary challenge from 2006 independent candidate-turned-Republican Christy Mihos).
As the Boston Globe-Democrat reports: “Baker doubled, in less than half the time, what Patrick raised for the entirety of 2009, despite a fund-raising visit by President Obama this past fall for the Democratic governor. Baker’s coffers currently hold more than 10 times the amount in Patrick’s campaign account.”
Baker did this, despite the fact that President Obama came to Boston to fundraise for his friend Deval.
Patrick’s approval rating has dipped into the teens and stays around 30 percent. His campaign coffers are empty. Massachusetts Democrats may be wondering if it’s time for him to “pursue other options,” too.